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Welcome to our community!

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is a community of people, and a place of worship. We are seekers, questioners, the curious, and the serious.  We are faithful participants in God's ministry through our church. 

Our members include those who attend church occasionally, and those who attend regularly.  We are people who come to the altar to take communion, and people who stay in the pews.  Our community includes newcomers and oldtimers, those who are new to church-going, those who are cradle-to-grave Episcopalians, and those who come through our doors from other faith traditions.  For more real-life examples of what it means to be an Episcopalian, please see the website "I am Episcopalian."

Our parish includes singles, seniors, families of many types, and people of all ages, many cultures, and diverse backgrounds.  We are an Oasis parish: one that has formally declared itself to be inviting to individuals and families of LGTB (lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual) identification.  St. Paul’s has a long tradition of being a church home to immigrant groups, including (in the past) Hmong, Vietnamese, and Cambodian immigrants, and (at present) Americans recently here from the continent of Africa.  Our parish is well known for music, both as part of the service, and as a concert venue.  St. Paul’s is a long-established part of the Oakland community, with a contemporary vision for the place of spirituality and religion in the world today.

Social ministries at St. Paul’s include outreach in many directions, including programs for the homeless, low and fixed income neighbors, seniors, and twelve-step groups.  Our congregation’s ministries include Senior Resources, the Thursday Food Co-op, and helping at St. Mary’s Center.

The sanctuary is a neo-English Gothic building of simple, graceful style, with a quiet demeanor, strong lines, and clean detail. The 1935 Austin organ is renowned for its classic, grand sound.  The stained glass windows are beautiful; some are more than 100 years old.

At our services, all are invited to join us in communion of the consecrated bread and wine. We celebrate the Eucharist on Sundays two times: without music at 8:00am, and with choir and organ at 10:00am.  In addition, we celebrate the Eucharist on Wednesdays at 12:10pm. We celebrate the service of Compline (sung candlelight service of prayers for the end of the day) on the fourth Sunday of every month at 8:00 pm. Additionally, we celebrate Evensong the first Sunday of the month at 4 p.m.

Please see our Directory for more details on how to reach St. Paul's Staff and church leadership, and which people to contact for a specific concern or program.