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Friends of Music at St. Paul's

Friends of Music at St. Paul's

Mission Statement
The Friends of Music (FOM) is a group of individuals who support the music ministry
of St. Paul’s through their time, talent and treasure.

The Friends of Music seeks to further the mission of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church,
by enhancing music for worship, and seeks to inspire
the St. Paul’s Congregation and Community.

What we do: Music for Worship
Worship is the core of our parish ministry. The driving force of the work of FOM is to support and enhance the music central to the worship experience.

Directly or indirectly, FOM efforts are part of, and often integral to, the music of liturgical services at St. Paul's:
  2016 (est): 83 services. (2015: 83 services). Including
   - Choral Eucharist, 10am, Sunday
   - Sunday Compline, 8pm, Fourth Sunday
   - First Sunday Evensong, 4pm, First Sunday, Oct-June
   - Special Services for Easter, Holy Week, Christmas, Festival Days, Memorials, etc.

The high quality of the music selections for liturgy, performance skill, and outstanding
building acoustic, are known throughout the Bay Area, and are a draw to newcomers.
In particular, the services of Compline and Evensong, as conducted and directed at
St. Paul’s, are proven "gateways" through which many have found a path to God,
and membership at St. Paul’s.

What we do: CONCERTS
FOM's efforts provides essential income to the parish budget and brings new people into the church by soliciting and managing groups for concerts and other musical events at St. Paul's. FOM volunteers seek and negotiate contracts, and provide on-site management and hosting.

With concerts by renown groups such as Grammy award-winning Kitka Women's Vocal Ensemble, San Francisco Choral Artists, Prometheus Symphony Orchestra, Piedmont East Bay Children's Choirs, Pacific Collegium, Trinity College, Cambridge, and others, St. Paul's is now regarded as one of the best concert venues in the East Bay.

Concert Performances
Approx. 3,500+ attendees/year
2016 (est): 12 concerts, by 9 groups.
Est. $14,750 income. ($15,000 budgeted)

2015: 16 concerts and recitals, by 8 performing groups. Est. $11,765 income.
2014: 21 concerts and recitals, by 12 performing groups. $15,455 income.

What we do: RAISE MONEY
In addition to income from concert groups, FOM increases parish income by soliciting funds for music at St. Paul’s, through donor solicitations and fundraising events.

Through the efforts of FOM, people all over the Bay Area hear and see the name
“St. Paul’s Church.” With press releases, posters, emails, and advertising for services
and for concerts, FOM spreads the word that St. Paul’s exists: the parish is alive and well, and is a place to look for great music (both in liturgy and in concerts).

- FOM gathered and maintains a Mailing List (approx. 600 names), all who have asked to be informed of music events at St. Paul’s.
- FOM prepares and sends Monthly email notices of upcoming music events at St. Paul’s, creates Postcards distributed at church services and music events, and provides information for the Monthly Newsletter.
- FOM prepares and sends Press Releases and ads, posters, fliers, banners, for
St. Paul’s music events.
- FOM posts Information on the St. Paul’s website for weekly, monthly, and special
services, and upcoming music events.

Who is involved
FOM Leadership: Victoria Larson, Tom McGarrell, Sharon Pilmer, Richard Larson,
Michael Page, Bill Davis, Ben Clausen, Josh Black.

Significant help comes from St. Paul’s Choir members: Nick Bernardini, Josh Black (section leader), Tonia D’Amelio (section leader), Ben Clausen, Bill Davis, Elizabeth Jenkins, Richard Larson, Victoria Larson, Sonja Lund, Frankie Mansfield (section leader), Christiana McFarlane, Sandy McFarlane, Lauren McNulty, Michael Page, Sharon Pilmer, Philip Saunders (section leader). Plus Compline choir additions: Christine Dukey, Paul Sporer.

And St. Paul’s Bell Choir: Indira Balkisoon, Thomas Burchfield, Elizabeth Burchfield, Kimaura Morris Wilson, Audrey Murray. Jeffrey Bellamy, Director.

And our outstanding volunteers: Tom Tereszkiewicz, Shelia Fisher, Thomas Burchfield, Elizabeth Burchfield, Elizabeth Hook, Dylan Versteeg, Pamela Buckingham, Scott Buckingham, Audrey Murray, Trish Grima, Josie Ramos, Kent Lewandowski, Izabella Sempari, Gordon Struble, Jean Struble, Irene Plunkett, and others.

Thanks to Artists-in-Residence Pacific Collegium, and it's educational program Chapel College Men & Boys Ensemble, directed by Christopher Kula, for many years of extraordinary music donated to St. Paul's.